A ‘Blind’ Person’s Counsel on Blinds and Shutters

What solution is best for you? Venetian Blinds? Roman Blinds? Roller Blinds? Are Plantation Shutters a better choice? When there are many options, it can feel overwhelming. If you lack core product information it only gets worse. It’s like reaching around in a darkened room, trying to find your way. Well, if you’re going to navigate blinds, you really should take the hand of a ‘blind person’. We do blinds. We are your blind guides. Let us guide you.

Hamptons Style Home Designed By Indah Island

Creating Your Own Hamptons Style Coastal Look

Australia boasts beautiful coastlines, glorious beaches and delightful weather. The feelings such natural blessings arouse are alluring, so a desire to replicate the colours, textures and moods is very understandable. We want the vitality inspired by sparkling blue water, the comfort of a warm sun’s embrace and the earthy awareness of sand underfoot. Whether we have such luxuries on our doorstep or not, we can evoke their feel with simple home decor strategies.

Norman Shutters

Which Plantation Shutter is right for you?

Plantation Shutters add financial value, aesthetic beauty, functional capacity and gratifying comfort to your home. You want them! That’s decided. But now comes the decision: Should you choose basswood, polyresin or a hybrid combination of the two? Let’s explore the options by using the metaphors of an Armani Suit, a Special Forces Soldier and dressing that soldier in an Armani Suit.

Catherine Martin and Margorelle Collection

Catherine Martin and the Majorelle Collection

If you are looking for dramatic elegance in your home’s decor, why not look to Hollywood? Catherine Martin has designed sets and costumes for both the stage and screen and is now turning her talents to interior design. Teaming up with the Mokum brand, her latest collection pairs her love for eclectic design with luxurious materials to create a collection that is truly stunning. It is the latest in haute couture for your home. With Mokum’s signature quality and Martin’s captivating style, the Majorelle collection is a collection truly worthy of your consideration.

Amazing Kids Bedroom for Girls

Create an amazing kids bedroom

Children have limitless imaginations. You child’s bedroom is their sanctum, their own private space. A kids bedroom should both feed that incredible imagination as well as be an expression of it. So, when you design a room for your child, you should definitely have his input. You may also want to consider things like function – how the space will be used. You should also think about whether you want this space to be able to grow with him/her or whether you are up for a redesign at every new stage of his development. No matter what you decide, here are some tips to help you design an amazing room for your child.

Curtains And Blinds
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