Catherine Martin and the Majorelle Collection

If you are looking for dramatic elegance in your home’s decor, why not look to Hollywood? Catherine Martin has designed sets and costumes for both the stage and screen and is now turning her talents to interior design. Teaming up with the Mokum brand, her latest collection pairs her love for eclectic design with luxurious materials to create a collection that is truly stunning. It is the latest in haute couture for your home. With Mokum’s signature quality and Martin’s captivating style, the Majorelle collection is a collection truly worthy of your consideration.

Catherine Martin and Margorelle Collection

Catherine Martin

The Majorelle Collection’s designer has drawn inspiration from a wide array of experiences. Her intriguing life has contributed to her personal style and to this collection’s design. From her French roots to her love of film and stage, there is little in her life that has not touched her work.

Martin was born to a French mother and an Australian father, two academics who met while at the Sorbonne. Raised in Sydney, she has fond recollections of the vintage clothing parades held by her grandmother and her grandmother’s friends from church. As a child she loved going to the Victoria and Albert Museum where she was able to dig through the costumes. At the age of 6 her mother taught her to use a sewing machine. By the time she was in high school she was making her own patterns to create garments for herself. In an interview with Tory Burch, Martin credits such films as Gone With the Wind and The Wizard of Oz as inspiring her interest in film and design.

Her studies at such prestigious institutions such as Sydney College of the Arts, East Sydney Technical College and the National Institute of Dramatic Art helped her to develop the skills and solidify the talent that allows her to create the visual masterpieces she is credited with. It was at the NIDA that she met her husband and long-time collaborator Baz Luhrman. Theirs has been a long and productive union.

Catherine Martin

Catherine Martin has worked on many projects for both stage and screen, serving as set designer, costume designer and art director in a number of productions. Some of her most notable work has been in collaboration with her husband on productions such as Romeo + Juliet, Moulin Rouge, and The Great Gatsby. Her design work on the latter film led her to design a Gatsby-inspired suite for the Plaza Hotel in New York.

Her long and productive career has not only earned Martin numerous awards for her work on stage and screen but allowed her to develop relationships with fashion industry nobility such as Miuccia Prada and Karl Lagerfeld. She has also worked with interior design brands such as Anthropologie and Designer Rugs. What she brings to the table is the painstaking research she put into her film work along with an attention to detail and dedication to authenticity that are hard to find.

Catherine Martin


Catherine MartinBrought to you by Mokum brand textiles, the Catherine Martin Majorelle collection is an eclectic mix of luxury textiles for your home’s interior. Inspired by Martin’s recent forays into tropical flora and fauna as well as travels in far away exotic lands and patterns that harken to oriental design. Majorelle offers a unique blend of styles.

Named for famed French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent’s Marrakesh retreat Jardin Majorelle, this collection gives a nod to its namesake. Jardin Majorelle is known for its sophisticated, exotic interior as well as its enchanting gardens. The Majorelle collection pays homage to Martin’s French roots and love of French culture. Hinting at classic textile design of the last hundred years, Martin offers elements of Moorish tile along with animal prints and plush velvets. The Majorelle collection includes, but is not limited to, the following textiles:

  • Bespoke – Bespoke is a textured velvet designed with the end goal of creating the ultimate luxury velvet. Constructed with a viscous pile, plush finish and vintage surface, this material has been custom dyed in an array of neutral and dramatic jewel tones. Perfect for upholstery, this fashion-forward palette includes Martin’s signature red in honor of her husband’s Red Velvet Trilogy which includes Strictly Ballroom, Romeo + Juliet, and Moulin Rouge.

  • Medina Medina offers an Italian basket weave pattern. It comes in delicate, neutral tones to provide an elegant backdrop against which to layer the more vibrant and patterned fabrics in this collection. It is a good foundation for both classic and contemporary styles.

  • Leopardo Who doesn’t enjoy an exotic animal print? Leopard skin, especially, has seen a resurgence in popularity for interior design. Leopardo is woven in an Italian jacquard with a sateen weave ground. This gives a subtle sheen against which the chenille leopard spots can rest. Leopardo comes in both classic and exotic color schemes and can be found in either contrasting or tonal combinations. Leopardo is a great choice to add visual texture in the form of cushions or for a bold statement piece such as a chair or bedhead.

  • Palais –  Woven onto a fine linen, Palais offers a two-toned scallop motif with subtle pearl drop detail. Designed with Italian draperies in mind, the scallop pattern is reminiscent of Art Deco palace archways with weathered patinas. Palais is an excellent choice for regal window treatments.

  • Metallique – Metallique is an elegant textured drapery made specifically with window treatments in mind. It comes in opulent light and dark metallic tones that fit perfectly with the current modern interior trends that favor metallic details and accessories.

Majorelle mixes luxurious fabrics with elegant prints and intriguing textures to offer a one of a kind experience in interior design. From animal prints to the lustrous sheen of metallics and subtle neutrals to the jewel box of colors, Majorelle does not disappoint. In Catherine Martin’s own words…

The Majorelle collection (By Catherine Martin) is a celebration of, her “love of mixing discordant textures and patterns into extravagantly unbalanced but nevertheless visually enticing combinations.”

Martin intends for this collection to be both glamorous and comfortable, adding, “it is a collection meant to frame, ‘elegantly sipping a cocktail.’”

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