Coastal Design Elegance

Coastal Design Elegance is a relaxed elegant interior style that strikes a balance between formal and informal. It has a touch of the Hamptons with a laid back luxe approach. It reads lots of details, with comfortable furniture you could sit in all day and is draped with cozy throws and textured cushions in a natural, cream and white combination.

Colour Palette

The colour palette of coastal design is mostly made up of whites, neutrals, creams, blues, some greys with a touch of charcoal and black. Soft timbers in the various natural tones compliment the coastal feel. Its nature indoors.

Textures and layers

To achieve the layering effect different materials in various weights and finishes are used. For example you might cover a sofa in a heavy cotton or linen and add several cushions. Some with simple soft pale blues tones, layered with a few delicate blue floral prints all layered over lots of plain white and cream linen cushions. To add a luxe feel to the room add delicately beaded, sequence or fur covered cushions all in similar tones.

Window Treatments

At the beach the windows and doors are open and the sea breeze comes through so full height soft flowing sheers are in order to drape your windows or sit either side of the doors. Fully lined curtains or roman blinds blocking out the sun in crisp linens or cottons give a bright and breezy atmosphere if you want to shut out the light. Shutters matching closely to the wall colour are striking yet blend into the open feel and are a perfect fit for the coastal feel.


Large comfy sofas covered in whites or neutrals or a feature leather occasional chair in a worn soft chocolate or caramel hide set the scene for long chats with friends and family. Soft lighting from side lamps with big wide shades or free standing lamps finish off the space. Plantation furniture is also used with its woven designs and sits well against all the soft whites and natural fabrics.


Timber floors are a stand out in coastal in all different colours from soft oaks to darker stained floors all work. On these floor most living setting areas include rugs made from natural fibers like sisal or soft carpets bound with contrasting edges. The rug will finish off and pull together the setting.

Artwork and Accessories

Organic elements and coastal artwork will highlight the style. Think about traditional timber box frames displaying natural elements and white painted frames with soft blues and beach themed pieces. On your coffee table add several stacks of books, fresh flowers and layering of different sizes candles.

Coastal elegance is a relaxed, natural, textured, white, comfortable style blurring the lines between indoors and outdoors.

Images via Slettvoll.

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