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It is essential when investing in Custom Made Curtains that your Curtain Lining is of top quality!

curtain lining quality

I have heard numerous stories from clients whom have purchased Custom Made Curtains in the past and the linings have deteriorated within 3 years. We have seen linings peel, a powdering substance appear on the linings, discolour and parts of it coming off leaving small light holes. This means the lining is no longer protecting the face fabric or acting as a blockout layer. It becomes an expensive exercise to  replace the linings, especially if the lining is sewn into the heading of the Curtain. Your Curtains should last between 7 – 10 years at least, and the linings should too last the test of time.

It is however, essential to care for the Curtains and Linings in the appropriate manner, there should be a care label on the Curtain which tells you the cleaning/care instructions. It is recommended that most Curtains and Linings be dry cleaned by a professional!

There are a huge range of Curtain Linings which are available to the Curtain and Blind industry. There are different qualities, I urge you when talking with your consultant to ask about the Curtain Lining too. We see companies using the cheapest quality linings which are just not lasting.

curtain lining options

At Stella Curtains & Blinds we use top quality Curtain Lining, which are more expensive, however we have peace of mind that the lining will with stand the test of time. Curtains are an investment and are not cheap, it is important to think long term and opt for a quality product.

Talk to Rachelle about your curtain linings options today.

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