Finish a Room with Quality Custom Curtains

Finish A Room With Quality Custom Curtains Flowing luxury and sheer decadence are the finishing touches that custom curtains can make to a room. With the addition of the correct fabric choice, curtain style, track or rod to compliment, quality custom curtains are the perfect element to finish off a room.


With the minimalist and muted style of blinds as window treatments receding in recent times, opulent and luminous curtains are making a come back. Curtains with their many different styles are allowing a home to look more opulent and inviting.

Here are the different factors you need to consider when selecting curtains to add a sense of luxury to your room.

Wilsons Fabric


Practicality is a key consideration for every occasion. Curtains and drapery will not only be the finishing touch on your luxury design, the style and fabric you choose will make or break your privacy and play a large role in how well insulated your home is throughout the year. Hot direct sun needs full block out to keep your home cooler and sheer curtains will allow light and a opulent feel to inhabit a room.

Do all curtains need to be the same?

To add a sense of cohesion to your home, it is recommended that your curtains are similar or complimentary. While you may require curtains for a different purpose, striving to select fabrics and colours that blend and work with each other is a good starting point. For example, your bedroom curtains may require greater privacy and insulation, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t create a smooth transition from the sheer curtains that may hang in your living room.

Curtain Headings & Styles

custom-curtains-wilson-fabricsWilson Kasama Fabric

While you’re looking for inspiration, check out the very top of the curtain. Getting the heading right will make all the difference to your curtains, including how much curtain fabric you’ll need. You might like to consider –

S Fold Curtains

This is a very popular and contemporary style of curtain. The S Fold heading gives the fabric a uniform gentle fold and is perfect for sheers, creating the look of soft continuous waves.

Inverted Box Pleat Curtains

Inverted box pleat is created when two folds of fabric are folded toward each other in opposite directions creating a tailored look.

Pencil Pleat Curtains

This is a popular heading type, creating a natural and attractive drapery. Pencil pleat curtains can go with traditional, modern, and casual settings, which is what makes them so adaptable. They are made by gathering cords in the tape across the top of the curtain, which are then pulled to create deep, pencil thin pleats.

Pinch, Double or Triple Pleat Curtains

custom_curtains_zepel_fabricsPinch pleat curtains are also incredibly versatile. Sometimes known as a French pleat, there are many types of pinch pleats. Each one creates a different look and feel for your curtains. Pleat curtains look great on curtain rods or poles, and typically are used to look more formal. The pleat itself, whether single, double or triple, draws the eye upward and creates a more vertical sense of space within a room.

Curtain Fabric

The curtain material that you choose will have a big impact on the luxury feel of your room. For example, going for a silk fabric, or a fabric that has a silky sheen, can add a touch of luxury and formality to any room. For a relaxed look, think about linen curtains that puddle on the floor by just two or three centimetres. Sheer curtains can be coupled with block-out curtains for rooms where you want the flexibility of privacy and light.

Bumph Interlining

Think of how a dress sits better when it is lined. Curtains are the same in this sense. Adding bumph interlining to the curtain can add fullness and body and also help with insulation in colder areas like homes in the mountains.

So consider the position, the styling and fabrics to create a luxurious look for your curtains to finish off your room.

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