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Fabric offers you the opportunity to introduce color, texture, contrast and movement into any space. It is a critical component of any luxury interior design, no matter what room is involved. Selecting the right fabrics will transform your home. And transforming your home is easy when you use the rich fabrics from the Designers Guild. You can use these fabrics for bedheads, cushions, soft furnishings, blinds, curtains and drapes, among many other uses.

More About the Designers Guild

Designer Guild FabricsTricia Guild introduced her first fabric designs to the London design world back in 1970. In the past forty-five plus years, her company has grown into an international enterprise. Tricia remains the Founder and Creative Director. Her brother, Simon Jeffreys, is the Group Chief Executive. The company focuses on combining creativity and innovation with the highest levels of quality in design, product, service and people.

One thing that marks the Designers Guild as different from its competitors is its commitment to an ethical trading policy from one end of its supply chain to the other. They also use natural fibers wherever possible with their fabrics completely recyclable. They have recently adopted a completely up-cycled cotton yarn collection, one of the first in the industry. 

The Guild has nearly 9000 fabrics in its collections and that number continues to grow every year. From combed Egyptian cotton to Swiss damasks, the fabrics are made only from the highest quality materials. The designs come from any number of inspirations including classical architecture, the Royal Household, and Eastern art. These fabrics work well in so many interior applications, including bedheads, cushions, soft furnishings, blinds, curtains and drapes.

Transforming Your Home with Guild Fabrics

Every soft furnishing in your home can become a work of art when you have it clad in Designer Guild fabrics. Their collections are extensive and you can find a design that works for your interior. Let’s consider a few of their collections and how you can use them to give your home a luxurious look and feel that is uniquely your own.

One of the newest collections is the Tulipa Stellata. The fabric designs in this collection get their inspiration from Tulipmania and the Dutch Golden Age. The group offers a range of floral designs in a multitude of colors and textures. The collection offers a wide assortment of base fabrics making this group easy to use in many uses, from upholstered chairs to luxurious drapes. 

Velvet offers a soft, luxurious feeling. The Casablanca Fabrics collection embraces this feeling with colourful, glamourous velvets and textured weaves. The collection offers stripes, florals, and geometrics in rich vibrant colors. While being extremely pleasing to touch, this collection works well in most interior applications as it is hard wearing and durable.

Designer Guild FabricsStripes and geometrics dominate the Berwick Fabrics collection. Made from jacquard weaves, this collection is perfect for many interior upholstery applications like bedheads, cushions, soft furnishings, blinds, curtains and drapes. With rich colors ranging from soft greys to apple greens and berry reds, the fabrics go well in just about any colour palette.

If you are looking for neutrals and washable fabrics, the Mineral Weaves collection is just for you. This collection offers textures ranging from tweeds to velvets to moleskin. It takes its color inspiration from natural minerals, with shades of greys and tans with hints of blue, green and violet mixed in. When you need a neutral to build your decor around, this collection is a good place to start.

Light-weight beauty is the signature of the Bellavista Fabrics collection. This group is a super soft linen-look voile made with 100% flame retardant yarns. It is completely washable and comes in over 30 colours, from neutrals to brights. The wide-width fabric works in both contemporary and traditional interiors. 

Ampara Fabrics offers a soft, durable weave that works well in heavily used areas. Made with cotton fibers, this chenille weave offers a subtle texture that creates movement and character. It is washable, making it work for many interior applications including bedheads, cushions, soft furnishings, blinds, curtains and drapes. It comes in dozens of colors ranging from subtle to bright.

This is just a small sampling of the collections available from the Designers Guild. Each fabric in the entire collection will help you transform your interior space. You can mix and match fabrics freely to create the unique look your home deserves. 

Room By Room Transformation

Designers Guild FlooringEvery room in your home can become an artistic masterpiece with the rich fabrics of the Guild. Let’s look at how you can transform your bedroom and family room. 

Your bedroom needs to be a soft haven where luxury fabrics dominate the look. Start with light airy drapes that give your room a dreamy feel. An off-white neutral from the Bellavista collection is a good place to start. Add a luxury, yet colourful, velvet from the Casablanca collection for your bedhead.

A washable neutral, maybe in grey, from the Mineral Weaves collection is perfect for your bedcover. Add in some pillows and a comfortable chair, in bright colors or soft neutrals, and your bedroom is your comfortable spot safe from the world.

Your family room needs to be both durable and beautiful. The Ampara collection is a perfect choice for this room. Made with a durable cotton weave, this collection of fabrics are highly durable and completely washable.

Start with a grey or tan for your sofa and add a splash of berry or emerald in the form of accent pillows. Make your drapes from a lighter neutral and your accent chair from a brighter shade. You can mix in florals from the Tulipa Stellata collection or stripes from the Berwick collection to add texture and contrast. 

If you want to experience the look and feel for yourself, you need to look at the Designer Guild fabric collections for yourself. Then you can decide whether your bedheads, cushions, soft furnishings, blinds, curtains or drapes get transformed first. To get started you need to contact the design experts at Stella Curtains and Blinds. 

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