Freshen Up Your Home Before Christmas With Custom Made Soft Furnishings

Christmas is quickly approaching. You have family and friends coming around for holiday gatherings and the ultimate Christmas feast. With so many people visiting, it is the perfect time to freshen up the house. Custom made soft furnishings can give your home a comfortable, luxurious feel, just in time for your Christmas gatherings. 

Envision Your Ideal Space

Where are your guests going to be gathering in your home? Likely your kitchen and dining area, for food. Your lounge room is the perfect place for the adults to gather for conversation and drinks. If you have a separate space for family living, that room is ideal for the children to have their own place. Any guest bedrooms you have will house your family and friends for the night.

Now, envision how you want each of those spaces to look and feel. You probably want a combination of comfortable and luxurious. Maybe you want a particular look: minimalist, traditional, contemporary, transitional. Does your current colour palette work or do you want to liven things up with a bit more colour?

One thing to consider in each space is your soft furnishings. You may have a older bedhead in the guest room that needs to be replaced. Your lounge sofa may not have the look you want in that space. The dining room chairs could be ones your mother gave you when you moved out of the house and they do not fit your current style at all. Christmas is the perfect time to replace those items with custom made soft furnishings.

Transforming Your Lounge with Soft Furnishings Custom Made

The lounge sofa is the perfect place to start with your soft furnishing makeover. You get to select just how long and deep the piece is. You choose the style of arm and leg, whether it’s high, low, rolled, or minimal. Of course, you choose the fabric that surrounds your guests. You can go with a luxurious chenille weave or a high-end velvet. For a more masculine touch, leather is always a good choice.

Now for the accent chairs. Whether you want to add seating in the lounge or family area, or add a comfortable nook to your guest room, an accent chair is a soft furnishing that offers versatility and comfort. If you are putting in the lounge or family area, you might want to match or coordinate it with your sofa. Or, you might want to bring in a burst of color and add a bright print. And, as with the sofa design, you get to choose the chair’s style, arms, and legs for a custom look.

How about adding an ottoman or a bench for additional seating in your lounge? When you are having a large gathering of family and friends, comfortable seating can become a scarce resource. Adding custom made soft furnishings in the form of an ottoman or bench can be the perfect solution. You can choose a style to match the rest of the room and wrap it in a fabric that fits right into the space. And, after Christmas is over, you have a luxurious place to prop your feet or put down your belongings when entering the house.

Your Dining Space Remade

Let’s head into your dining space. Your family and friends are going to be gathered here to enjoy your holiday meal. You want them to be surrounded in comfort and luxury.

Your dining room chairs are the ideal place to bring in custom made soft furnishings. Hard wooden chairs with no upholstery are not comfortable and make people want to eat and leave as soon as possible. A partially or fully upholstered chair invites a person to sit and enjoy the meal in front of them. They also invite a person to linger over conversation and dessert.

With custom made dining room chairs, your choices are almost endless. You can choose the style of chair you want to start with, traditional, contemporary, minimal. You can choose whether the frame is metal or wood. You select the fabric it is upholstered with. You might want to mix and match fabrics on the back and seat, or from chair to chair. The choices are yours to make.

Your Guest Room Made to Your Vision

Your parents may be coming for a few days or maybe your best friends is flying over for the holidays. No matter who is coming to visit, you want your guest room to welcome your guests and make them want to stay a bit longer.

A custom upholstered bedhead makes the perfect focal point for anyone entering the room. You can go bold and install a signature fabric rich with florals or geometrics. You can also go subtle and use a neutral fabric with a rich velvet weave, using buttons and folds to give it texture and movement. The bedhead should be a place where your guests can relax and enjoy a read before dozing off.

Custom made soft furnishings don’t stop at the bedhead in your guest space. Adding a custom made bench at the end of the bed offers your guests a place to put luggage or rest a second. You can create a bench that perfectly matches the design of the room. You can size it so that it offers the maximum seating without becoming too large for the room.

An accent chair in the corner, with a petite ottoman, will offer your guests a place to put up their feet after a long journey or a night of too much wine and fun. If the rest of the space is neutral, an accent chair offers the chance to put in a pop of colour or to introduce a new shade to give the space movement. Just make sure your accent chair is not too comfortable or your guests may never leave.

Custom made soft furnishings can give your home a brand new look for the upcoming holiday season. Get your order in today and you can welcome your guests in luxury and comfort well before Christmas morning.

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