Hamptons Style Curtains, Blinds and Shutters

The Hampton’s look doesn’t just draw inspiration from the sea. There is an ethos of quality and well-deserved opulence, and while some styles are easily imitated, the Hamptons style is not one of these. Your Hamptons look will say, ‘Quality’, with a capital ‘Q. Let’s address the Hamptons style’s distinctive approach to window furnishings, as well as a variety of methods you can use to customise and personalise.
The Hampton’s look is an evolving style, with some distinctive attributes that set it apart. This is part of its attraction. To think there is only one “Hamptons style“ would be a mistake, and it is this variability that makes it a deceptively attainable style.

Can You Create the Hamptons Style in Your Home?

A famous Long Island county inspired this style. The Hamptons area is both a popular summer resort for New Yorkers, as well as home and playground for some of New York’s richest and most celebrated. Not surprisingly then, the Hampton’s look exudes character, quality and luxury, amidst luxurious oceanfront living.

But can you recreate the Hamptons Style in your home? The answer is (almost always) yes! We’ve done this for many people and in many homes. It is a very achievable goal.

Perhaps the most famous example of Hamptons architecture and styling was seen in the television drama ‘Revenge’. In this acclaimed 2011-2015 production, Emily Thorne’s beautiful Hampton’s style home is, we are told, in the Hamptons. In truth, the house is 1,300 kilometres away, in North Carolina. The producers recreated the Hamptons style in another state, and you can recreate it in your home as well.

This ‘Revenge’ beach home recently sold for AUD$2.2 million (US$1,440,000). This tells us two things:

  1. You don’t have to be IN the Hamptons to attain the look.
  2. You could spend $2.2 million to attain that Hamptons satisfaction – if you chose to – but we’d like to help you create it for substantially less.

Your choice of shutters, curtains or blinds will significantly influence your success. As you can no doubt appreciate, there’s more to this than we can tackle in a single article, so if you have a question or would like to organise a consult’, call us on (02) 9971 8802.

Selecting Hamptons Style Curtains and Window Furnishings

Like most styles that originate from a specific location, this style has distinctive elements that are unlikely to change. Like the Long Island county it’s named after, the Hamptons style speaks of:

  • Class,
  • Quality,
  • Confidence,
  • Longevity in style, and
  • Strong individualism.

It’s a style that allows you to be stylish without merely following trends. If you do this right, it is a look that lasts, while also giving opportunity for individual expression and flair.

When it comes to colour, white is still a Hamptons fundamental. Walls and furnishings frequently follow the original white, blue and ocean theme, but colour and texture choices are now more creative. Build on the traditional foundations, neutral colours of ivory, sand and cream, as well as the obvious ocean tones of blues and greens are all available to you. Nowadays the palette is diverse. Warm and natural tones have eased their way into the Hampton palate, including amber, bronze and chestnut browns, velvety beige, and oceanic shades of cyan.

If you want to be aesthetically pleasing and functionally effective, window furnishings are your opportunity to use either contrast or complementarity, to create the feel you desire. Contrast is the more traditional approach, but this is changing as Hamptons’ style curtains, blinds and shutters walk the journey of stylistic evolution. Complementarity, or the use of attributes that complement and support another, is increasingly in vogue.

Which works best in your situation? A conversation and a home visit is the best way to be sure, but the opportunity for an individualised Hamptons style is real. Shutters, curtains and blinds all offer distinct advantages and opportunities, so let your individuality flourish.

Should You Choose Shutters, Curtains or Blinds?

Functionally speaking, shutters, curtains and blinds perform similar tasks. In this sense, they have equivalency, but only until the specifics of your goals and environment come into play. Once this happens, the challenge changes.

To be clear, shutters, curtains and blinds can all:

  • Provide privacy,
  • Facilitate natural light,
  • Block external light, and
  • Facilitate your other decorative goals.

Deciding between them, therefore, requires us to factor in the specifics of your home, family, lifestyle, project goals and tastes.

For example, if you want only to block part of a window, a shutter is best. Using split-closure shutters will allow you to close the bottom section, while keeping the top section open. This is helpful when you want to screen out unsightly aspects of your view, or the inappropriate glances of a nosy neighbour.

On the other hand, if you want privacy AND full access to your view, a sheer curtain will do what a shutter cannot.

Another example of the choice challenge is responding to specific room uses and moisture levels. For wet areas, such as kitchens and bathrooms, shutters are well suited. In these spaces, you want to fend off mould and condensation, by promoting optimal light and air movement. Privacy is a room requirement for bathrooms. In these situations, Hamptons’ style shutters are a highly effective solution, curtains are not, but a well-chosen blind might work.

The right Hampton style shutter, or a stylishly congruent blind, will enable you to tick the air, light and privacy boxes, while also providing a material that won’t be prone to mildew or condensation.

They’ll also tick the aesthetics box by looking very Hamptonesque!
If you’d like help attaining the look, call (02) 9971 8802 or complete the form at the bottom of this page.

Hamptons Style Shutters

Few furnishings so clearly distinguish the Hampton style like the use of shutters. Also known as plantation shutters, this incredibly stylistic solution provides clean and simple lines and is one of the fundamentals of Hamptons’ style window furnishing. When you cleverly offset with accessories, furnishings and appropriate decoratives (such as cushions, pictures and shelf items) shutters are (arguably) your best solution.

Bear in mind, however, that selecting the correct shutter is essential – especially when it comes to wet areas. Our article, “Which Plantation Shutter is right for you?” explains the three primary materials of all-timber Basswood, Polyresin or the hybrid Thermo Tech option.
Since a seamless transition between inside and outside is our goal, you can’t go wrong with shutters. It’s the ultimate Hamptons style solution. Also worth noting, the louvres on our shutters are wider than many expect, enabling you to welcome more light, and appreciate more of your view.

The only arguments against shutters are when exceptional functions or locations come into play (which we’ve already touched on, and will expand on below).

If you’d prefer to talk with a specialist, we’d be happy to help. Call 0411 557 622, or complete the Contact Request Form and we’ll be in touch.

Hamptons Curtains

Cleverly selected Hamptons’ curtains are sometimes a better choice. At other times, a curtain-blind combination is a better way to go.
We select Hamptons’ style curtains by texture, colour and heading. Texture is all about material selection, colour we’ve already spoken of, and the choice of heading is almost always a classical inverted box pleat. This said, a modern S-fold will also achieve similar results.

Remember that texture, or material selection, can be highly individualised and very home-specific. Your situation may vary from what is typical. Still, as a beginning principle, we recommend an organic material such as linen, which provides a natural crush texture as well as practical beauty. If a more cost-conscious solution is needed, polyester replications are available. These can create the look and feel of linen, though it lacks the natural crush appeal of the organic option. Both will flow beautifully in the breeze, and both will facilitate a beautifully relaxed Hampton feel.

To achieve the Hamptons’ curtains look, remember that curtains are not the look, but there to facilitate the style. They are part of a whole. Therefore, design your window furnishings to enhance and optimise.

It’s all about the choices.

Hamptons Style Blinds

Window furnishings usually seek to frame windows while also allowing maximum light and an appreciation of any views you might have. The framing goal is more difficult with Hampton style blinds, but it is achievable.

Perhaps the most compelling example is Roman Blinds. Gathered at the top of the window, they are not obstructive to light or air, allow you to enjoy the view, and can be extraordinarily beautiful if well selected. Both tailored and stylish, Hampton style Roman blinds look great and are highly customisable. Whether a patterned or traditional fabric, the nautical features of the Hamptons style can be yours.
Roller blinds can also work, and while not as stylish (as a general statement) they offer more options than Roman blinds. For example:
They can be fit within the window (recess fit) or above the window (face-mounted).

  • They can be paired next to each other (double roller blinds) for extra options.
  • Blockout or light filtering materials are available.
  • Flat and textured fabrics are available.
  • Patterned and plain fabrics exist

Together, We Can Create Your Hamptons Style

Creating a Hampton style home is an investment in timeless style and individuality. When choosing your Hampton style shutters, curtains or blinds, be guided by the principles we’ve shared, but we also recommend you obtain professional assistance.

The ethos of quality, which we spoke of earlier, never happens by accident. If your home is to say, ‘Quality’, with a capital ‘Q’, the Hamptons style’s distinctive approach to window furnishings is a great way to say it.

We’ve helped hundreds of families to customise and personalise the Hamptons style, and If you’d like us to journey with you too, phone 0411 557 622 or complete the form. You can enjoy Hampton style quality.

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