How Custom-Made Curtains Can Transform Your Home

How easy is it to transform your home with custom-made curtains? It’s easy – when you know what to look for. In this article, we’ll consider what goes into creating a custom curtain solution and why you’ll experience both satisfaction and value. We’ll also see, comparatively speaking, why ‘off-the-rack’ solutions sometimes look like an ill-fitting suit and are often a short-lived compromise. 

Firstly, let’s address the obvious: If you DO have appropriate design flair, product knowledge, access to curtain and bracket options, installation skills, and of course, time, then a ready-made solution may produce short-term savings. We’re honest about this (as we are with all the information we provide for you). 

If that’s an option for you, perhaps consider it, but few people have these resources. 

Will Custom-Made Curtains Really Transform Your Home?

To appreciate the potential of custom curtaining home transformation, it helps to remember that transformation is a marked or noticeable change. Transformation is a “Wow!” when it works, and a “What were they thinking?” when it doesn’t.

Transformation is when a man changes from rugby shorts and t-shirt into a sharp well-fitting suit. Transformation is a breathtaking hairstyle makeover. Transformation is the smile on your child’s face when a special friend pays them a special compliment. 

Transformations are more than change. Sure, you can change your clothes, hairstyle or mood, but a loose fitting suit, an awkward cut and hollow praise mean nothing. Transformations are extraordinary. They exhibit sharp style, breathtaking enhancement and they inspire a warm and comforting glow within. 

Can Stella Curtains & Blinds custom-made curtaining do that?

Yes, we can.

Custom-Made Means Style, Enhancement and a Glow Within

When you create a curtain solution with us, we walk you through an engaging and pleasant journey. It’s thorough, it’s creative, it’s fun and it’s satisfying. This purchase is significant, so we appreciate the need to get it right – but we like to enjoy the journey too. 

If you already know you want to explore this option, call 0411 557 622 or request a call. We’ll be happy to discuss the possibilities.

Every consultation, creation and installation journey is unique; however, when you call or ask us to call you, we start with a series of questions. 

We ask a lot of questions because we need to cover a comprehensive range of issues. This way, we can prepare for an optimal on-site consultation. Yes, we come to you. 

By asking suitable questions, we determine the most appropriate samples and prepare for the best range of possibilities. Of course, you’re welcome to visit our showroom, but you don’t need to: we’ll come to you!

As already explained, the specifics of your home are unique. We’ll explore issues surrounding:

  1. Window shape and size, as these vary enormously.
  2. Overall architecture and home features.
  3. Light levels, type and room perspective. These issues influence fabric choices and lining options. 
  4. Who uses the room and what happens there. Inexperienced planners and DIY homeowners can easily forget such practical issues. For example, an older person’s bedroom should have minimal snag and trip hazards, yet also be easy to use.
  5. House and room decor is also a design catalyst, especially where aesthetics are concerned.

When we visit, we’ll carefully apply our experience and knowledge to help you make the best possible selections. Good design is essential to us! 

Last year we consulted in the home of one of our repeat clients. They engaged us to install custom curtains and pelmets four years ago. We did an excellent job. Even though their home has a potentially punishing north-east perspective, their curtains looked like new. They’re still in that condition because of wise decisions were made four years earlier. 

Deciding Between Custom-Made and Ready to Hang Curtains

Ultimately your decision will rest on priorities. If a cheaper and short-term solution is your goal, ready to hang curtains might meet your needs. But if a well priced, beautiful, functional and long-lasting solution is the goal, you need to go custom. 

You’ll need a team to bring that solution together. You’ll need a team that is working for you – not the other way around. We’ve got that team! To provide just one example, Pip is one of our consultants, and she’s been in the industry for 20 years. We did the math and discovered she’s visited and advised in more than 5,700 homes. That means she has seen and solved just about every curtain and blind problem there is.

When you access a custom-service professional, your purchase will be grounded in experience, talent, devotion to quality, skilled craftsmanship, proven stock and the best of appropriate technologies. What’s more, our consultants love their work and are supported by dedicated tradespeople who take pride in delivering nothing less than the best.

Ready-Made Curtains Are Cheaper For a Reason

Ready-made (or ready to hang) curtains are certainly cheaper, but they aren’t the bargain they appear. We’ll expand on this in the paragraphs that follow, but before we explore the hidden costs, let’s address the pertinent issue of longevity.

An ‘off the rack’ solution is cheaper in the short run, but almost inevitable repairs and a shorter fabric life result in faster replacement as well as bracket repairs. These factors change the equation. 

Longevity is improved by a custom solution – significantly so!

What is the Hidden Price of Ready-Made Curtains?

On average, you will pay 60% more when you invest in custom-made curtains, depending on volume, style and circumstances. The apparent savings are deceptive, however, as they are achieved by:

  • Sacrificing the benefits of expert, experienced and professional design
  • Reducing aesthetics and durability by using lower quality fabric (especially where thermal insulation options are concerned).  
  • Restricting design options via reduced pattern and fabric choices.
  • Surrendering flexibility and accommodation options, such as corner returns, thermal lining or bumph.
  • Losing the durability and finish of professional-standard brackets, fitting and hanging.
  • Enduring niggling frustrations due to light seepage or drag: cutting costs almost always means compromise solutions or errors in installation.

When you look closely, the benefits are minimal unless you have an excellent eye for design, an appreciation of curtain installation variables, access to a significant range of ready made curtains, as well as the skills to supply and fit the necessary brackets and fittings (or a friend with these skills). Let’s not forget the time factor either: do you have the time to do all this. If you have all that and can do all that, then savings are honestly worth pursuing.

Where to Buy Curtains You Won’t Later Regret

If you’ve settled on investing in custom-made curtains, we’re obviously going to encourage your phone call. But it’s because we’ve got the resources and skilled professionals you need.

Elegant and effective solutions require empowering advice, quality materials and skilled craftsmanship. It’s that simple.

Yes, a ready to hang solution will save you money in the short term, but only by taking long-term benefits away. The dollar savings on materials is negligible, and any other savings come through loss – not gain.

Custom-made means you enjoy the benefits and escape the pain! 

When you purchase from Stella Curtains & Blinds, you access a vast range of fabrics, higher quality materials and very reasonable pricing. You also get a team of specialists that are on your side. 

If you’d like to speak with a team member, call 0411 557 622. You might even get Pip who we mentioned above. If you’d prefer, you can also request a call. Just complete the form and we’ll be in touch soon. If we missed a topic, please let us know. We’re all about simple truth and empowering solutions. 


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