Lamp Shades Creative Custom Made Options

Lamp Shades Creative Custom Made Options. To update or add interest to a room adding custom lamp shades can finish off the perfect space.


Custom made lampshades can add interest to a room. They can be the finishing touches to the perfect lamp base.

Many times you can find the perfect lamp base but the shade just doesn’t work with your décor. So by designing your own custom lampshades can be the answer.

Combine Materials

Pick the perfect combination of lampshade material to compliment your room or go crazy with a double sided lampshade. You could consider using a geometric or pattern fabric with a metallic lining featuring on the inside. Or maybe a combination of 2 wacky fabrics inside and out, the fabric world is your oyster.

Add Details

creative_custom_made_lamp_shades_stellaTo add more detail to your shade adding a bobble fringe to the base of your lampshades in a contrasting colour or even a sophisticated ribbon would look fantastic, depending on the look you want. The bobble fringe would be the perfect fit for a kids bedroom, they would love it!

In a natural interior, designer lamp shades made of fine or heavy textured linen create layers of tone and texture. Adding to the muted colour palette.

The Glam Look

For a glam look, add the bling with fabric to your lampshades that reflects a lovely lustrous look. Use silk or a sateen with a gold or silver lining on the inside giving understated elegance.

Pendant Lights

Custom made creative lampshades don’t have to be just for lamps. They can also be for pendant lights. Designing a fabulous drum pendant shade that hangs from the ceiling becomes the rooms wow factor.

Stella Curtains & Blinds have access to a huge variety of fabrics and trims to create your perfect custom made lampshades call or email Stella Curtains & Blinds today to discuss your exact needs.

Image via Warwick Fabrics


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