Paint Colour Selection

When selecting your paint colours it’s essential to get it right. Choosing the right colour hue, tint, shade or tone can give anyone a head ache. You just have to stand in front of any paint companies wall of paint chip samples to get confused.

Where To Start

To start with you need to have an overall design style, this will give you direction. Even if you don’t know your design style start with magazines and cut out images of what you like. Pinterest the modern version of scrapbooking can be used to create boards individually for each room of your house. Pin any image you find online to your boards and then search within Pinterest to find more images from around the world that make up the look you’re after.

With all your images collected you will start to see a trend and your style coming together. From this direction, think about all the furniture, carpets and accessories you’re going to use and then consider the paint colours that will compliment your choices. Do you want the paint to be a feature or do you have another element in the room that you want to stand out? Your paint colour needs to support your selection and flow into other rooms of your house.

Set The Mood

Paint colours will set the mood of the room. Dark colours will create a heavy moody environment whilst a light, neutral palettes will make the room feel airy and open. Blues and greens will feel cool and fresh whilst red and oranges will feel warm. Consider how you want people to feel when they enter your home.


Lighting plays a huge role in how your paint colour is seen. Lots of natural light will display colour in its true shades, incandescent lighting will bring a warm tone, whilst fluorescent light will cast cool blue tones. Consider the lighting you use in your rooms.

Paint Colour Selection – Test Colours On The Wall – Stella Curtains & Blinds – Creating Beautiful Spaces

With your colour direction decided it’s time to front up to the wall of paint chips and select several colours that you buy samples pots for. With each sample pot paint them directly on your walls or a piece of paper to see what they look like. Wait till the paint dries to see the real colour.

TIP – Make sure you try the paint colours in different areas of the room. With different amounts of light on each wall your paint colours will look different.

Which paint colours are right?

If you’re not sure where to start then go with the paint companies brochure choices. They will have colour combinations that have been tested and provide images to show you how they look. You can Google the colour name and brand to see more images online.

When you have made your final selection a favourite paint tip to get the perfect white on the ceiling is to use 25% of the wall colour. This way the ceiling colour will always blend perfectly with the wall colour. This only works if your wall colour is not a dark colour to start with. (So full strength on the walls and 25% of the colour on the ceiling) Always test your paint colours before you buy in full quantities.

Still not sure?

If you really feel you can’t move forward with making your paint selection maybe it’s time to bring in the experts. Bring all you images and swatches along to a designer to show them your direction and your designer will be able to interpret what you’re really after and create the beautiful space you really want.

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