Which Plantation Shutter is right for you?

Plantation Shutters add financial value, aesthetic beauty, functional capacity and gratifying comfort to your home. You want them! That’s decided. But now comes the decision: Should you choose basswood, polyresin or a hybrid combination of the two? Let’s explore the options by using the metaphors of an Armani Suit, a Special Forces Soldier and dressing that soldier in an Armani Suit.

A Sensible Starting Point: Why Plantation Shutters?

The suits and soldiers will come in a moment, but first it’s wise to remember why you chose shutters in the first place. You may have been convinced by one or perhaps a large number of benefits. Your final decision should be guided by the features you value most.

Shutters are typically chosen by people who appreciate one or more of the following:

  1. Understated yet elegant aesthetic beauty.
  2. The ability to control light and mood.
  3. Minimal fuss and maintenance.
  4. Year-round insulation features.
  5. Economic benefits over time.
  6. Hypoallergenic construction (for those dealing with allergies).
  7. Environmentally sustainable basswood sources.
  8. Resistance to weather and moisture
  9. Sturdy construction to withstand pets and children.
  10. Comprehensive customisation options.

Before reading further, you might consider taking a moment to review the list. What features are most important to you? Being aware of this can significantly influence and empower your final decision.

Basswood, Polyresin or the Shutter Synergy of Thermo Tech.

There was a time when the decision was simpler; it was wood or polyresin. The choice was primarily driven by design intentions as well as moisture levels in the locations where they were used. These are still dominant factors, however a third option now exists: a hybrid combination of the two.

Now your decision is trinary:

  1. An all timber Basswood Plantation Shutter
  2. The Thermo 25 aluminium and poly-resin composite, or
  3. The Best of Both Worlds in the Thermo Tech Plantation Shutter.

Basswood Plantation Shutter: It’s All-Timber Elegance

The all timber solution is a Basswood plantation shutter. This visually appealing timber is 100% sustainable, craftable and is accessed from forests in Eastern Europe. It delivers beauty and versatility. Think of it as your Armani suit option. A good suit can make almost any man look good. Basswood shutters do the same for your home.

The most appreciated benefits of Basswood shutters include:

  1. Maximum design flexibility.
  2. A naturally beautiful finish.
  3. The peace of mind that comes with using 100% certified sustainable timbers.
  4. ALL options pertaining to blade size, blade shape, panel size, stile size, reveal depths, tilt rail and colour options are available.

Basswood Plantation shutters are an ALL-timber solution. This means they don’t crack, dent or swell easily, however in a coastal or otherwise moist area (such as a bathroom) swelling can happen. Don’t wear this Armani in the rain!

The Thermo 25 Shutter: Durability and Strength

The Polyresin option is a 100% man-made solution. Designed for places where timber is environmentally challenged, we call this solution our Thermo 25 shutter. It’s our Special Forces Soldier, built for challenge, punishment and longevity.

Both the frame and blades are composite polyresin plastic, with the blades receiving added stability and strength through an aluminium core construction.  As a result, the Thermo 25 shutter is appreciated as a highly engineered and hard-wearing solution that will not warp, crack or chip.

The strictly ordered construction processes mean that colour matching is not possible, however an extensive range of whites, creams and off-white options exist. This is usually sufficient to facilitate the most creative of design intentions.

The Thermo 25 is a non-timber, hard wearing, moisture resistant, yet beautiful shutter. It still looks good, but this shutter has also been built for ‘shutter war zones’. It will serve you faithfully!

The Thermo Tech Plantation Shutter: The Best of Both Worlds

The third option is the hybrid Thermo 25 shutter. It’s a little bit like dressing a Special Forces soldier in an Armani suit: maximum strength and capability, made to look absolutely exceptional!

With this solution, the aluminium core poly-resin blades are housed within light, stable and beautiful Basswood frames. This synergy of polyresin and basswood delivers the best of both worlds.

The hybrid Thermo Tech shutter delivers:

  1. The strong and durable aluminium core polyresin blades of the Thermo 25.
  2. The magnificent natural beauty of all timber Basswood Plantation Shutter frames.
  3. An extensive range of possible colours.
  4. Almost all the same design options of the other two solutions; i.e. three blade sizes, three stile sizes, three reveal depths, three tilt rail options and significant colour choices.

As you might expect, blending the best features of Basswood and polyresin does create some construction challenges. For this reason, there are some limitations in colour and design. Colour options are reduced and colour matching is not possible. Also, the blades only come in elliptical shape, though the standard variability in blade sizes and other features remains. Fortunately, it has been our experience that very few clients have needs that exceed the available options.

The Thermo Tech Shutter is one tough soldier in a fine-looking suit! Rest in the knowledge that this is one tough plantation shutter as you also admire what you see.

The Suit, The Soldier, or Your Soldier in a Suit?

As we said at the beginning, your final decision should be guided by the features you value most, so let’s sum up the three options.

Basswood Plantation Shutters are a spectacular and beautiful choice – when used in the right location. Being all-timber, they provide optimal flexibility in terms of construction and aesthetics. They will empower almost any design aspiration. This is your elegant “Wow!” solution. This is your Armani suit option.

The aluminium core polyresin Thermo 25 Shutter offers greater structural stability and resistance to temperature changes and moisture. It does this while retaining an accommodating range of design and colour options.  If moisture is a significant issue for you, or you live in a coastal area, this may be your best option. In a challenging environment, our Special Forces soldier might be what you need.

Finally, you can enjoy a synergy solution. Dress your soldier in Armani and have the best of both options. If you want greater durability, but the level of environmental challenge isn’t overwhelming, Thermo Tech Shutters are a good choice.

Making That Final Choice

Our goal in this article has been to guide you toward a careful and informed decision. We’ve done this by using some unusual suit and soldier metaphors, but we hope they helped. We expect you’ve realised each solution delivers a unique mix of benefits.

If you choose well the enjoyment, satisfaction and dividends will be enormous.

This article is not a comprehensive analysis; it’s an introduction to the most obvious features and decision-making variables. For a more thorough breakdown of the product options, benefits and pricing, give us a call.

We routinely help people experience the best mix of aesthetic, financial, environmental and emotional benefits. It’s your home, and everyone’s home reflects the people who live and love there. Our goal therefore, is to walk alongside you, move beyond the factual, and explore the personal. Call 0411 557 622 to speak directly with us, or complete the form onsite to request a call back.

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