Styling With Custom Cushions

Styling With Custom Cushions. Looking for a transformation that is quick and easy then cushions are your option. As a simple way to freshen  up a room or to create a scene of relaxation cushions are your versatile decorator item for any occasion.


styling_with_cushions_coloursTake your inspirations from fashion or from a favourite piece of art, your ideas can come from anywhere. Select the colours that work in with your existing colour scheme or make a statement with a pop of colour or pattern. Combine textures and colour tones that you love knowing that you can always return your cushions for others if they don’t work out. 

Colour Blocking

Start with several cushions that are solid colours and add in one or two cushions with a pattern or print. Keep some consistency between the two or draw in another colour from around the room.

Layering Your Textures – Combining several different textures in a harmonious colour palette creates a luxe feel. Add a metallic or velvet cushion to push it to the next limit.

The Statement Cushion

Adding one or two cushions with elaborate beading, fringing or intricate stitching can make a statement to any setting. Don’t go overboard, they are generally not too comfortable to sit against and only serve as decoration. Too many statement cushions are over kill, one or two on their own look amazing.

Tone on Tone

A collection of cushions made of different fabrics all in the same colour tone creates a relaxing and inviting scene. Think of white on white in all its many shades creating a coastal or beach theme.

Many outdoor cushions can be made of specially treated fabrics suited for harsh summer sun and all weather conditions. From bold and bright signature prints to muted stripes and neutral colours. Outdoor cushions come in various sizes for your outdoor daybed or sofa, or to simply throw by the pool to relax.

Formal & Relaxed Styling

To create a formal look with your cushions arrange them in an identical way all of similar sizes. For a more relaxed feel use different cushion sizes with different textures all thrown together in no order. A relaxed and cozy space ready to jump into to read your favourite book. 

styling_with_cushions_stella_curtains_sydneyCustom Cushions

Don’t be afraid to get cushions custom made to suit your personal needs. Your perfect cushion may not have been made yet – there are endless rolls of fabrics of different textures and designs just waiting for your selection if you can’t find exactly what you want to fit your perfect size and exact specifications.

Cushions the perfect accessories for any occasion.

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