Transform Your Space with Motorised Curtains and Roller Blinds

Picture an expansive wall of windows facing Sydney Harbour or one of the Northern Beaches. The windows go from corner to corner and from ceiling to floor. Hanging to one side are the curtains which cover the windows when light control is a necessity. These curtains are soft and flowing, hanging from a track at ceiling level. What happens when you want to close or open the curtains?

Motorised Roller blinds and Curtains

If you have motorised blinds, curtains, roller blinds or other window furnishings, you just hit a button on a remote control. The motor engages and starts opening or closing the window covering. When it is in the correct position, you press a button to stop the motor. This all happens silently and effortlessly.

Motorised window furnishings are both practical and aesthetic. The motor handles the hard work of moving the curtains, while its silent glide gives the entire space a feeling of luxury.

Why Motorised Window Furnishings?

There is something futuristic about hitting a button and having your curtains open or close automatically. That is one of the things that appeal to residents of Sydney, Eastern Suburbs and along the Northern Beaches. But, there are plenty of other benefits to using motorised furnishings:

Precise control – There are certain times of the day where the light coming through the windows are at a bad angle. With a motorised curtain system, you can adjust the curtains to a precise point where the light is no longer a problem, while still giving you the best view possible.

Less wear and tear on hardware and window coverings – Constant pulling of the curtains and track can put excessive wear on both. With a motorised solution, that wear and tear is kept to a minimum. All the work is done at the track level, keeping the curtains and track in good condition longer.

Pre-programmed settings – Sunlight can do damage to furnishings and flooring. When you are not home during the day, there is no reason why the curtains need to stay open. With an automatic, motorised system, the curtains can be open when you are there and closed when you are not.

Convenience – It is nice to be able to open or close the window coverings without leaving your bed or chair. If you are watching something on television or just reading a book, you don’t have to get up to adjust the light coming from outside. A simple push of a button does all the work.

Protect your children and pets – Manual window furnishings often include operational cords. These cords can get tangled and pose a potential hazard to children and pets. When your window coverings are motorised, that hazard is eliminated.

Give the illusion you are home – When you are away on holiday or taking a business trip, it is good practice to give the impression that you are still home. That helps deter intruders and keep your home safe. It is easy to do with motorised blinds, curtains, roller blinds and other window furnishings.

Increase the value of your home – Home automation is increasingly popular for home buyers. When you install automation features like motorised blinds, curtains, roller blinds and more, you are adding value to your home. When it is time to sell it, you will see the profit in a better sale price.

Motorised Curtains North Sydney

Building a New Residence or Office? Renovating an Old One? Think about Your Curtains and Blinds

Putting up the curtains or installing the blinds is one of the tasks left to near the end when building a new building or renovating an old one. However, to install motorised blinds, curtains, roller blinds, and other window coverings, the planning for the window furnishings must start far earlier in the build process.

You need to work with your builder to provide adequate space for the curtain motor, track, and essential elements. You will also need to plan for an electrical source near the motor. If you wait until the end of the build to address how to accommodate the window furnishing needs, you will need to make changes to a newly renovated space. That is why early planning is critical.

Now, you have planned for how and where to install the motor and track for the motorised window furnishings. But, do you want to have those elements exposed, or do you want to hide them?

A popular trend is to install the motorised window furnishings under a bulkhead or timber pelmet. These help hide the track and motor. If you are using roller blinds, the entire blind can disappear behind the bulkhead or pelmet, offering the maximum window exposure and a clean design. Even with flowing curtains, a bulkhead or pelmet can still hide the mechanics.

Explore the Options Available with Motorised Blinds, Curtains, Roller Blinds

Motorising your window furnishings can be done a few different ways. One option is home automation. For example, Somfy offers a line of automation products which make it easy to motorise curtains and blinds. The motor connects to the home’s wifi and allows for remote access via a smart phone app. Somfy’s technology can also be used for controlling lights and external awnings as well as internal window furnishings.

If you are not ready for a full automation solution, you can select a simpler system that works on a dedicated remote control. Raex offers just such a solution. The motor offers quiet movement with a full range of settings. The remote offers complete control over the movements of the window furnishings. If the remote is lost, the touch control feature will automatically open or close the window coverings with a tug in the right direction.

Whether you select full automation or a dedicated window motorisation solution, you will enjoy the results. Motorised blinds, curtains, roller blinds and other window furnishings offer a futuristic, convenient option for your home. It is definitely a high-end solution that works well in homes around Sydney and Eastern Suburbs, as well as along the Northern Beaches.

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