Understanding Window Furnishings and Your Options

If you are planning on improving your home by changing your window furnishings, you should consider all your options before making your decision.

Window Furnishing Options are a plenty!

There are numerous types of window furnishing options in the market, and each choice has its own unique advantages. Often, the limitless choices can be overwhelming and confusing. Therefore, if you would like to find the best window furnishing you must think about the purpose you will use your window furnishing to fulfill. In addition, you should understand the fundamental types of window furnishings that are available for home use.

Purpose Descriptors for Window Furnishings

When looking for window furnishing products, you should analyse your objective. This will make the process of selecting the ideal item to match your needs. The different purposes for these furnishings in the home include:-

Solar Control

Solar control is an important factor to consider when choosing your window furnishings in Sydney. Most homes will require light control, so blockout or opaque window furnishings are the most beneficial. However, the choice will ultimately depend on the directions that the windows face. For example, windows which face the afternoon sun should be furnished in a way that the sun may be blocked out if preferable because the UV Light can be uncomfortable and destructive. The morning sun is enjoyed by most people, so translucent furnishings can be used for the rooms facing the sunrise.


Window furnishings are useful for managing privacy in your home. This factor is especially critical if your house is close to a road or the neighbours. There are some aspects that you should evaluate with regard to privacy when choosing your blind. In simple terms, you should think about the type of room, the direction of the window, purpose of the space and the time when the room is used. Not all rooms require privacy shields thinking about these factors can help you make a decision.


Windows contribute to heat loss during winter and heat gain during hotter days in Sydney. Therefore, you should consider using blinds and curtains that augment the insulation across this area. Better insulation can reduce your heating and cooling bills. You can choose to use heavier furnishings to block heat exchange. This type of treatment is critical if you do not have insulated glass windows. It can also be beneficial even if you have insulated double glazed window panes.


For most homeowners, the aesthetic appeal of the window treatment is an important consideration. The right furnishing can enhance the interior décor and complement the other items in the room. The visual impact of the treatment is determined by the product pattern, style and colour. However, the ultimate choices will depend on individual preferences. When evaluating this aspect and choosing furnishings for this purpose think about your individual style but ensure that the choice does not clash with the home.

Different Types of Window Furnishings

Regardless of your purpose, there are different types of window furnishings that you can install in your home. The products vary widely in terms of visual impact, cost and performance. Therefore, you must be diligent in your evaluation before making a decision. Here is a short description of the common types of furnishings and crucial considerations for choosing the right product under each category.

window furnishingsSheer Curtains

Sheer curtains or sheers are designed and fabricated to be translucent and thin. Due to their lightweight nature, they are often used in combination with other types of furnishing.They can be used alone if the primary purpose is to add visual interest and texture. Sheer will provide some level of light filtering, but the room will still be bright.

You should consider this furnishing choice if you want to allow natural light into the room.You should note that the level of privacy will be relatively low. When choosing sheer curtains, the most important aspect to evaluate is the material. The choice will determine the durability and performance of the new treatment.

Linen: Linen is a favourable material choice because the fabric is strong and durable. The linen fibres can be made into thick or gauzy fabrics which can be used to make sheer curtains, curtains cushions and bedheads. You will find different patterns and styles to match your taste.

Polyester: If you would like a low maintenance material for your sheer curtains, you should choose polyester. This lightweight material is also inexpensive, wrinkle free and available in numerous colours, patterns and styles.

Lace: Lace is ideal for traditional homes and it has a timeless appearance. When purchasing lace curtain, you should check the imagery and shapes incorporated into the weave because this will affect visual appeal.

Silk: Silk is a luxurious material, and it is available in both soft and metallic textures. This type of sheer curtain is more suited for a contemporary home and blends well with chic interior design.

Curtains and Drapes

Curtains and drapes have a dramatic effect on a room, and they are versatile in their functions. The primary purpose of curtains is to block or obscure light and to be decorative. Curtains are difficult to select because there are numerous options to consider.

Therefore, if you are interested in this type of furnishing, consider the below elements:

Fabric: The fabric of the curtains or drapes will determine the durability and maintenance requirements of the product. In general, a heavy fabric is favourable because it will provide privacy, light control and enhance insulation. However, if it is too heavy, drawing will be difficult and it can overwhelm the room.

Lighter fabrics are easier to handle, but ensure that they are heavy enough to fall naturally. If you would like a formal vibe in your room, choose heavy weight fabrics like velvet or silk like fabrics. If you want to have a more casual ambience, options like linen, polyester and cotton are more favourable.

Style: Curtains come in a variety of styles, so compare the different option and find what matches with the house. The common designs are S fold, inverted box pleat, pencil pleat, pinch pleat and rod pockets. You should also pay attention to the colours and patterns because these will affect visual impact.

curtains and blinds sydneyBlinds

Window blinds are popular because they are easy to install and to operate. In addition, they are durable and available in different styles to match home interior design. Like curtains, blinds are versatile, so choosing the best furnishing can be difficult. The most important factors to consider during selection include:-

Style: Window blinds are available in multiple styles. The right choice with regard to this factor will depend on your individual taste. However, you should compare your preferred style to the theme of your rooms and the residential style before making a decision. The popular blind styles in the modern market include Roman, Venetian and Roller Blinds.
Fabric: Choosing the right fabric is crucial. Ask yourself, do you want to blockout the light, diffuse the light or see through the blind. This will help you choose the type of fabric or blind, then it is the colour which you need to consider.

Operation: You can choose to have blinds which are operated manually or via remote control. Manual blinds are inexpensive to purchase and install in the home. Motorised blinds are fitted with components for automation which allow operation via remote control.

window furnishings sydneyOther Window Furnishings

Other types of window furnishings that you should consider installing in your home are:-

Sunscreen Blinds: Sunscreens roller blinds are designed for the purpose of light filtering and daytime privacy. When the blinds are down during the day, you can see through a screen roller whilst it reflects 95% of the UV light. They are made of fabrics and have different levels of opaqueness to match different levels of light control and privacy. A great option when both sun and privacy are an issue you want to have a view to the outside.

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