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Furniture upholstery

Upholstery is usually the term used to cover your furniture. Choosing durable hard wearing fabrics is important. No matter what look you are trying to achieve there are many fabrics in different textures, colours and styles available. Try to choose upholstery that complements the drapes/curtains and the wall-colour of a room. Speak to our Interior design consultants for the best results and options available to you.

upholstery services sydney

A Guide to Fabrics

Correct choice of fabrics and upholstery are the most visible sign of quality when entering a room. Cleverly chosen fabrics will also wear well and last long into the future. When choosing fabrics and upholstery look for durability, ease of maintenance and fabrics that resist fading. Obviously the pieces that get the most use should have fabric durability while lesser used items can use a finer weave. Durability comes from a higher thread count, more tightly woven the fabric is the better it will wear.

Natural fabrics

Linen: Formal livings are best suited for linen but it does wrinkle and soil quite easily. Not ideal for heavy wear, but does not pill or fade easily. To avoid shrinkage have your linen professionally cleaned.

Leather: A natural tough material. Can be gently vacuumed, damp-wiped and cleaned with leather conditioner or saddle soap.

Cotton: This natural fiber provides good resistance to wear, fading, and pilling. Less resistant to soil, wrinkling, and fire. Durability and use depend on the weave and finish. Damask weaves are formal. Canvas is more casual and more durable.

Wool: A natural sturdy and durable product. Resists pilling, fading, wrinkling, and soil. Wool is generally blended with synthetic fibers to reduce felting. Wools hold up to spot cleaning.

Cotton Blend: Look for a higher weave to ensure best results when used in a busy family environment. A stain-resistant finish should be applied for everyday use.

Vinyl: Easy-care maintenance, less expensive than leather. Ideal for busy family living and dining rooms. Durable.

Silk: A delicate fabric only suitable for adult spaces such as formal living rooms. Seek professional dry cleaning if soiled.

Synthetic fabrics

Acetate: The fibres in acetate give it a luxurious finish. Developed as an imitation silk. Withstands mildew, pilling, and shrinking. A poor choice for furniture that gets everyday use.

Acrylic: A synthetic fibre developed as imitation wool. Wears well. Choose high quality acrylic for best wear and reduce pilling.

Nylon: Usually blended with other fibers. One of the strongest upholstery fabrics. Nylon is resilient; in a blend. Does not soil or wrinkle easily but may pill or fade.

Olefin: Ideal for furniture that will receive heavy day to day wear.

Polyester: Polyester is blended with other fibers to add wrinkle resistance and crushing. A good fade resistant material. Rarely used alone in upholstery.

Rayon: Developed as a durable imitation silk, linen, and cotton. Wrinkles easily.

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