Acoustic Curtains for Your Home

Did You Hear the One About Soundproof Curtains?

Do soundproof curtains really stop invasive sounds? Is it market hype, or is it true? Can you stop traffic noise, the neighbours ‘music’, the racket of the 2 am stagger-home crowd or the Airbus A380 flying overhead? The answer is both yes and no. Invasive noise is very challenging, especially if you’re a shift worker who needs sleep while the rest of the world raises a racket. Whatever your circumstances, let’s explore your options and empower your right to silence.

Hamptons Style Curtains and Blinds and Shutters

Hamptons Style Curtains, Blinds and Shutters

The Hampton’s look doesn’t just draw inspiration from the sea. There is an ethos of quality and well-deserved opulence, and while some styles are easily imitated, the Hamptons style is not one of these. Your Hamptons look will say, ‘Quality’, with a capital ‘Q. Let’s address the Hamptons style’s distinctive approach to window furnishings, as well as a variety of methods you can use to customise and personalise.
The Hampton’s look is an evolving style, with some distinctive attributes that set it apart. This is part of its attraction. To think there is only one “Hamptons style“ would be a mistake, and it is this variability that makes it a deceptively attainable style.

Curtain Ideas for Living Rooms and Kitchens

Curtain Ideas for Living Rooms and Kitchens

(The third in a three-part series)

Are you looking for great curtain ideas? Especially for your living room and kitchen? In this, the final in a three-part series, we’ll empower you with curtain ideas to bring colour, style and personality to your living spaces. We’ll also focus specifically on kitchen window curtains and living room curtain ideas. We’ll also help you move beyond what is fashionable or pragmatic, and crest the horizon of enduring style.
In part one, we looked at the way curtain types, goals and focus areas influence design decisions for different rooms, especially bedrooms. We also looked specifically at children’s bedrooms, which is a focus we continued in part two, while also expanding what we learnt into curtaining decisions for other types of child spaces.

Kids Curtains and Curtain Design for Child Spaces

Kids Curtains and Curtain Design for Child Spaces

(The second in a three-part series)

In part one of this series, we considered how different types of curtains suit different types of rooms. We discussed goals that work in every room, as well as focus areas that empower sound curtain design decisions. We then applied this to bedrooms in general, and children’s bedrooms in particular. In this article, we’ll take a more detailed look at kid’s curtains – in their bedrooms and beyond.

Different Types of Curtains for Different Types of Rooms 

(The first in a three-part series)

Do you know the feeling? You dress your child, step back and take a look. As your eyebrows rise involuntarily and a strained smile spreads across your face, you think, “Whoops! Got it wrong today.” You chose an outfit that misrepresents your child’s personality, perhaps stifles their potential or even inhibits their function and movement. Similarly, every room has a unique personality, potential and purpose. Today, we’ll explore how different rooms require different types of curtains.

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